This clip is the opening scene from the indie movie Slacker which was released back in 1991. The rest of the movie was quirky and weird and sometimes boring, but I love this opening scene. I like this guy and I like his idea… the idea or theory that we create realities by our thoughts, even the discarded ones, that with each decision we make we are creating two different realities and merely choosing which reality we will be conscious of. It’s an interesting way to look at your choices and maybe even to have fewer regrets.

I don’t have too many of those - regrets. But still, I would be awfully curious to know what all those other Brendas out there are doing. I’d love to get in touch with those other realities that I’m living on some parallel plane somewhere, just to check in and see what it’s like. Remember the Nicholas Cage movie that depicted this? It was called Family Man. (Here’s a link to the trailer, watch it, you’ll remember it: ) His guardian angel (Don Cheadle) called it a “glimpse”. This movie was kind of just another romantic comedy in a way with a nice “message” about living a life you love and making the right choices, blah blah blah. But it’s another example of the concept of these other realities the slacker guy in the cab was talking about. And I have decided that I would like a glimpse please. So, I’m wondering what I have to do to get me one of those Don Cheadle angels?

There are countless other realities I could visit. I could see what the Brenda is up to who had dinner last night with Greg at Roti Boti instead of El Rey. Or I could go big and see how the Brenda is faring who stayed in Kansas City rather than moving to New York, or the one who stayed married or had children or continued studying English for a career in academia rather than social work…

Yeah, I would be very interested to meet them or even do a little Freaky Friday change of places for awhile. I guess the danger is that I might like their reality better and want to stay, but apparently it’s the Don Cheadle angel who’s in charge of that sort of thing. I would think, though, that if it were possible to have that glimpse, since it’s my own mind that’s creating the reality in the first place, it should be my mind that has power over it.

I say that this isn’t about any regrets that I have about the choices I’ve made, but in all honesty I think my persistent homesickness might be pushing me toward a craving for that alternate reality at the moment. Still, I wouldn’t say I regret my decision to move. I just think that having a clearer picture of what a different choice would have brought would have a significant effect on how I make decisions in the future. I feel like I could manage this reality a bit better if I could just get a glimpse every now and then of these others. I’d like to really feel like there’s a part of me that’s having a conscious experience in these other worlds I’ve created. I think I would feel much more comfortable here if I could have a glimpse now and then and let those parallel realities become perpendicular from time to time. It would be helpful is all I’m saying… and cool.

I mean, if a glimpse were truly possible it might just cure my homesickness. This way, whenever I felt tired of reality here in New York, I’d just switch over to a glimpse of Kansas City Me and enjoy it for bit while I let Kansas City Me take over here. For example, I could have easily been there for my mom’s second hip replacement rather than stuck here feeling helpless while she continued to suffer. I could have been there to hang out with Tim P. when he was in town… For that matter, I could go anywhere I want for whatever reason and all I’d have to do is to be faced with a realistic decision, create two realities and jump between them. And think of how it would save me a ton in travel costs.The possibilities are truly endless.

With everything we’re learning about physics these days, I’m sure this is only a matter of time in coming. I’m just being impatient. I guess I should have been a physicist or something. There! I just created a Physicist Me. OK then Physicist Me, get busy and find a way to make this happen!